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If you and your business qualifies or if you are not interested in SBA financing, DGH Financial Services, Inc. is associated with a number of major lending institutions in the State of California. We can assist your business in obtaining conventional financing for Lines Of Credit, Purchase or Refinance of Commercial/Industrial Real Estate, Equipment Purchase and most any form of business financing you may require.

DGH Financial Services, Inc. will match up your specific financing requirements with the right lender. Your business needs a lender who understands your business and will work with you as your business grows. Our job is to find you such a lender.

Please feel free to fill out the on line questionnaire and email or fax it to us. I will personally call you. After we have had a telephone and if necessary face to face discussion, we can make the decision together whether to pursue your financing request on a conventional basis or through the SBA. In many cases both forms of financing have been utilized. Either way we will do our best to fulfill your loan request in a timely and cost efficient manner.


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