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 Loan Packaging

Loan Packaging Prepared By DGH Financial Services, Inc.

Lends A Helping Hand To Entrepreneurs Seeking Small Business Loans


Even the greatest business idea can be shunned by a picky lender if the paperwork is filled out wrong. But small businesses short on i-dotting and t-crossing skills can still increase their chances of having their loan approved utilizing the services of DGH Financial Services, Inc.


DGH Financial Services, Inc. will:

  • Gather the necessary documents;
  • Make sure the financial information on the application makes sense;
  • Provide insights into specific banks' lending practices;
  • Coach business owners on how to talk to bankers; and
  • Suggest, in some cases, alternative financing.

Loan packaging services are typically offered by various types of agencies, including for-profit business consultants and non-profit business development centers. If you choose the right one, a good packager can offer you a tremendous amount of advice and give you that added edge it takes to fulfill your financing goals.


Insight into lenders:


Because DGH Financial Services, Inc. deals with numerous lenders and has the first hand knowledge of many funded loans, we can give the applicant insight into the needs and limitations of lending institutions.


Most new entrepreneurs do not realize that banks often have different lending practices when it comes to making small business loans. Some won't fund restaurants. Others won't fund gift shops. Some will only do loans $100,000 and up. Some won't do start-ups. So many times, the applicant's loan is rejected due to no fault of their own.


Explore different terms:


DGH Financial Services, Inc also has the insight into the terms and payments that banks will find attractive, as well as understanding the reverse, that many banks have various rates and terms to offer the borrower, depending on the individual loan request.. "Terms do make a difference."


Another major mistake most new business owners make is not knowing how much to request in a loan application. Most lenders cringe when a potential borrower makes the famous statement, "How much can I get?" Bankers aren't paid any more to hold the hands of their customers, and therefore, most won't.


At DGH Financial Services, Inc we will identify the weaknesses in your application or business plan and make recommendations on how to shore them up. Our loan package will make sure that bankers see the numbers in a format they are comfortable with.


When you utilize the services of our company to prepare the loan application, you will get a better understanding of the loan process, a professionally prepared and complete application, and receive much more of a chance to succeed since our firm has long time established business relationships with the lending community and most important the SBA.


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